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    Adhere to the highest quality, adhere to the best service

    We since the inception of adhering to the quality as the foundation of the business philosophy, to create the first brand China electrician,

    20 years of glorious history is to improve the quality of technology, continuous innovation of electrical history.

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    From the market environment, the quality of the golden cup of cable is the trend of the times
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    • The biggest focus is March 2017 cable industry, Xi'an Metro "cable" incident, the incident in the cable on the okay in the teeth of the storm at the same time, also let the cable industry price competition, rampant counterfeit and other chaos become the focus of public opinion.
      From April, the general office of quality inspection and Quarantine issued the implementation plan of special supervision and inspection for wire and cable production enterprises. By June, all provinces in China actively launched the special rectification activities for quality improvement of cable and cable manufacturers, and the cable industry ushered in a big baptism.
      The industry said that the cable industry safety inspection, aggravated the industry shuffle, but also an opportunity to upgrade the cable industry. For cable companies, how to take advantage of casting gold quality, has become the primary task of brand development.
      Quality, test the comprehensive strength of the enterprise
      The quality of cable is a system engineering, from the selection of raw materials to the production, testing, factory, each link can not slack off, and in the precision manufacturing today's increasingly high requirements, the quality level of cable products, reflects the comprehensive ability of enterprise production, technology to detection system.
      In fact, the leading cable industry behind the brand, product quality reputation, no one is not from the technology, products to the market multi pronged achievements.
      In just the end of the China wire and cable industry conference, as Jinbei cable's parent company, gold electrician successfully selected China cable industry top 20 most competitive enterprises ", which is since 2014 fourth consecutive gold electrician named Chinese cable industry's most competitive enterprises". As early as 1984, Jinbei cable won the national industry only one products of the highest quality award - silver medal.
      Behind the honor, is the quality always as the adherence to one. Jinbei cable responsible person, Jinbei cable from its inception in 1952, always to do the "gold" of the cable industry as a belief in quality management efforts; with the "golden cup" wire conductor as an example, not only in the selection of strictly selected domestic high purity high quality electrolytic copper, copper and more than 99.95% purity. From the drawing, annealing, insulated conductor strand extrusion - fire detection loop - - storage - packaging factory, the implementation of sophisticated management of each link, each procedure is strictly controlled, layers of detection, to create a boutique.
      At the same time, advanced equipment and strong technical strength provide a solid guarantee for the quality of the gold cup. Gold has imported from France, Germany, Japan, the United States, Austria and other countries of the full set of wire production and testing equipment more than 300 sets, with the world advanced level has to enjoy the special allowance of the State Council professor of engineering professional R & D team of 3 people and more than 50 people, the establishment of a long-term strategic partnership with Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, National Defense University Central South University, Hunan University, Harbin University of Science and Technology and other research institutes. At present, Jinbei cable has more than 150 national patents, and has participated in the National 863 plan, and has established a technology development system that is in line with the world.
      Today, Jinbei cable products throughout the highway, railway, electric power, petrochemical, coal, and other communication system, widely applied to the power transmission from west to East, North and south, the national network of urban and rural power grids and other national projects, national key project and the capital airport, Qinshan nuclear power plant, in the network link, one steam group, the second automobile group, Beijing the Olympic Games construction, highway system and Wuhan Guangzhou railway, Fuzhou Xiamen railway, Luoyang Zhanjiang railway etc.. National choice for the quality of the cup.
      Innovation should be used to upgrade the electric environment
      The cable industry has been hailed as the nerve and vessels of the national economy, development, and China manufacturing are closely related to people's lives, and with the one with one way, Chinese manufacturing 2025, 13th Five-Year full implementation of the national strategy plan, the national demand for quality of life Home Furnishing upgrade, the electrical environment hitherto unknown complex, put forward more the challenge for the cable industry.
      The research and development of aluminum alloy conductor power cable is one of the major breakthroughs in the innovation of the cable industry. China is a country with poor copper and aluminum resources. The traditional cable is one of copper conducting, which is affected by the shortage of copper resources and high price, and the cost of cable is increasing. In contrast, China is rich in aluminum resources, and aluminum has the advantages of light weight, stable electrical conductivity, long service life and so on. In 2015, a new type of aluminum alloy cable developed by Jinbei cable and so on was awarded the national standard. In the future, the aluminum alloy cable instead of the traditional copper core cable will reduce the cost of the engineering cable by more than 30%.
      On the other hand, under the trend of increasing trend of home improvement and household appliances, people's demand for home wiring is also rising. They need to bear high load current, anti-oxidation and environmental protection. Correspondingly, the electric wire products characterized by high flame retardancy, fire protection, energy saving and environmental protection have become the market trend.
      Timely grasp the trend of market demand, Jinbei cable launched the series of innovative products, such as boutique flame-retardant wire, irradiated European standard wire, energy saving and environmental protection wire, and won the widespread favor of consumers. It is reported that the new gold wire featured products of good electrical conductivity, strong load, high pure cathode copper is more economical, low smoke, green environmental protection and new materials for insulation, using the ROHS production, combined with irradiation technology, not only greatly improved the mechanical properties and flame retardant cable, and heat insulation levels can be as high as 150, lead, cadmium, mercury, halogen and other harmful substances, the user is more safety and environmental protection. New product launch, that is, received warm praise.
      Service for the brand golden cup
      With the advent of the 4 era of industry, the construction of flexible service system

    Since the inception of adhering to the quality as the foundation of this business philosophy

    To create the first brand of Chinese electricians, 20 years of glorious history is the continuous improvement of quality and the continuous innovation of technology in the electrician's struggle history.

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